Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane is a Musical Western, adapted by RONALD HANMER and PHIL PARK
from the stage play by CHARLES K. FREEMAN after WARNER BROS. film, written by JAMES O'HANLON.

Lyrics are by PAUL FRANCES WEBSTER and the music is by SAMMY FAIN.

Our production of the show is by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

The show tells the story of tom-boy Calamity Jane, who is always telling the town of Deadwood about her exploits, particularly the huge numbers of Red Indians that she has killed. However, she does tend to be a little "careless with the truth". She has "eyes" for a certain Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin, but this is not reciprocated.

The main part of the show takes place in the Golden Garter Saloon/Theatre, run by Henry Miller, who has booked an "actress" called Francis Fryer, for a song and dance. It turns out that Francis Fryer is a man and Miller has the nerve to try and pass him off as a female singer which, of course, ends in disaster!

The actress that everybody in Deadwood wants to see is Adelaide Adams and Calamity vows to go to Chicago and bring her back. Due to a misunderstanding it turns out that Adelaide's assistant, Katie Brown, is brought back to Deadwood instead. After a shaky start, she is admired by all the men, particularly Danny Gilmartin and Calamity's long-time friend, Wild Bill Hickock. Katie and Danny get on very well and this makes Calamity jealous.

There is a big dance at Fort Scully and, after some clever footwork Katie ends up with Danny and Calam ends up with Bill. Eventually, Calam can't stand it any more and tells Katie to get out of town. It is only when Katie is on her way back home that Calamity realises that it is Bill who she really loves and she goes to get Katie back.

Meanwhile Susan, Henry Miller's niece, has taken a shine to Francis Fryer and the show finishes with a triple wedding!