An original story by SLADS member Alan Gay.

The action takes place in a fictitious north country town during the mid 1930's. The story concerns a period in the lives of the Pollard family, their relationships with each other and the townsfolk.

Sam is a very successful bookmaker, devoted to his wife, Alice. She, with plemty of time on her hands, devotes herself to the local orphanage. Their children, Jean and Archie, have been very spoiled over the years and have become a great worry to their parents. Archie has no interest in the business and shows it. Jean has fallen for a married man, Paul Thornton. This only becomes known to her parents later in the story.

Sam worries about their attitudes and the effect on Alice. His fertile imagination concocts a scheme to distract Alice, which backfires on him when, in a drunken haze, he succumbs to a one night affair with his secretary, Helen Botrill.

Meanwhile, Archie loses the business a large sum of money and Sam seizes the opportunity to test the mettle of his children with the help of his trusted clerk, Fred Grice.

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