King Arthur and
the Knights of the Round Table

A pantomime by Ron Hall

12th - 17th February 2007

At St Luke's Parish Hall, Derby Road, Weaste, Salford

Box Office: 0161 281 7423

Taking you through a typical Panto journey, set in the delightful Camelot, with our gorgeous Lady Elaine and the handsome Lancelot. Is their love fated?
Morgan Le Fay and Mordred are ready to cause havoc and bring Camelot and King Arthur to ruin - or will Lancelot and Ethelred save the day?
Mary Christmas and Gertrude bring light to the situation: Mary keeping the knights happy with her fabulous cookery skills and Gertrude spends all her days lusting after Ethelred.
Will this story have a happy ending?
Watch this space!